What is Affiliation

Affiliation is the act of communication. It’s describing a relation. Being a member of a organization or a community is affiliation. Generally it’s define that referring or connecting some one with any business organization for business purpose.

Partner Program

Affiliation Details

Affiliation or Affiliate are broadly connected with business arena. If we see as business or marketing angle affiliate refer marketing strategy of a business which we call affiliate program. In affiliate program some one refer another to a organization or a company, this connecting or communicating relation is affiliation. Most of the organization or business base company running affiliate program for their business strategy. Online based business or company spreading their affiliation network to grow their business rapidly by sharing a percentage of benefit with affiliate programmer.

Affiliation Activities

If you participate any affiliation program with any affiliation network you have work as affiliate policy of registered network. We can see some major types of affiliate activities as follows:

Product Sale: Most widely used affiliate program in online arena. Providing customer to purchase or sale products online. Any products like fashion wear, tools, house hold , hosting ,domain or any service which are online to sale and give affiliation program opportunity.

Refer member : Most of the crawl base website give offer to refer them register member. Small offer base site , social site which are new in market , for their strategy of online marketing and growth them rapidly, they offer affiliate or referral opportunity for their registered member. This types of site provide earning or getting gift opportunity who contributes them by referring member.

Refer Investor :

Refer Online Worker: Refer people who want to work online. In online you can find various types of work like offline jobs. All those online work can do from home. In online has platform where jobs or work seeker and worker finder or buyer are gathered for their projects. this platform is known as freelancing sites like Fiverr. Most of the company or website provide some simple work directly from their website. Maximum of the work provider sites give affiliate facility where any one can register and refer worker. They give a percentage of worker earning for their affiliate marketer.