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Get a $200 Nike Gift Card

CPA marketing starting

CPA marketing is also known as cost per action marketing, a style of the affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is done.

Action can be Email Submit, Create Account, taking a Short Survey or Register for a free trial. It is very simple and easy, all you have to do is promote affiliate links, if someone clicks on your link and completes a specific action, then you are paid for that action.

CPA marketing

CPA marketing is a business model based on an affiliate system which pay a commission each time an affiliate gets a user to carry out an action.

Types of CPA Offers:
There are a lot of types of CPA Offers. But I am going to share with you the most common types of CPA Offers. Here is the list of the most common types of CPA Offers.

Cost Per Sale (CPS).
Cost Per Lead (CPL).
Cost Per Install (CPI).
1- Cost Per Sale (CPS): Cost per sale offers are when some buy anything from your referral link then you will be paid for that. In CPS Offers, you only paid for every purchase that is made from your referral link. You can find CPA Offers on any CPA Network.

2- Cost Per Lead (CPL): Cost per lead or CPL offers, convert on a valid lead submission. Lead can be free signup, form submits or can be an email Submit. Cost per lead offers is the easy way to earn money from CPA. Even if you are a newbie, you can promote these offers and make money. Every CPA Network provides CPI Offers so you can get these offers from any PA Network.

3- Cost Per Install (CPI): Cost per install converts on whenever someone installs an app, download software, or any extension. Some networks provide CPI Offers.

How to start CPA marketing ?

Choosing Your Niche :
Signing up with a CPA Network :
Getting Accepted into a CPA Network :
Receiving Your CPA Affiliate Link.
Getting Acquainted with Your Affiliate Manager.
Selecting an Offer to Promote.
Designing the Site Around Your CPA Offers.

CPA marketing starting
CPA marketing