Payeer digital currency wallet and exchanger

Payeer is a service where no one controls where and whom you send money. They don’t really care in what online stores your make purchases using Payeer wallet.They offers instant payments and instant exchange – lots of electronic payment systems are available.


Payeer is a modern international payment system. Distinctive feature of it’s is existence of user-friendly interface, quick registration, variety of functions and versatile system abilities.

Advantages of Payeer

Payeer is a versatile service. It means that you could use it for different purposes from accepting payments in your online store to making instant money transfers. It is a great solution for both a beginner and an advanced user.

Fast and Easy Transaction: The first and probably the most essential advantage is the opportunity to send money to a person who does not have a Payeer account. It’s enough to provide his or her email or phone number where the instructions for transfer receiving will be sent. Such an option makes Payeer an attractive service for users who actively transfer money and who don’t want to spend time on registration and other time consuming things.

Business: If you own a website selling goods or service you can easily add a Payeer module to your webpage and accept payments automatically.They offers simple API integration that doesn’t really require any profound knowledge. It’s enough to follow their instructions.

Transaction and Exchange: Payeer offers instant payments and instant exchange – lots of electronic payment systems are available. You may quickly transfer money from one electronic wallet to another with very low commission and without any delay.

MasterCard: Users can also order a Payeer plastic card – MasterCard. It costs only $9 and you won’t have to pay any more. The card is valid for three years. It can be used for withdrawing money in any ATM’s around the world as well as for paying in online and real stores. That’s a great solution for those who earn online and receive money from foreign customers.

By the way, you don’t really have to verify your personality in order to use MasterCard. There is no limit for online purchases and quite a “generous” limit for ATM withdrawing – up to $400 per day. However if you send scans of your ID the ATM limit will be removed.

Partner Program: Active participants of referral programs have good chances to earn with Payeer. We highly recommend you to check their partner program terms and conditions available on their website. They have a six-stage program allowing users to increase their earnings by bringing new people to them.

Finally, Payeer is a very secure service. Hackers have tried to steal users’ payment data lots of times but they have never succeeded. It seems that invests a lot in security and never saves on the best specialists and the most up-to-date technologies.

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